This web is My way of learning web design. Although all of the pages are rendered from one template (a practice that I think is benifical to good design. I have studied many templates and page styles. I am the only full-time member of this team but work with others in various capacities.

I started dreaming about computers in the early 60s. I convinced My parents to send Me to school to learn about them in 1965. I learned to use many IBM business machines but they could not compare to the Burroughs computer that I heard calling My name. This computer was huge! Composed of a central processing unit, card reader, tape drive, several memory units and assorted other peripherals. I worked on and off with computers like this until 1973 when I enlisted in the US Navy. In the Navy I became a radar specialist. In 1980 I left the Navy to return to school. In 1982 I returned to the Navy. It had Become My home in the 6 years I had been there. Many of My old friends were still there. I was returned to the radar shop pending the transition of My squadron to the new e2c Hawkeye aircraft. I started cross training on RadCom which was an automated test console. It used the HP1000 micro computer to test various components on the E2C. My ultimate destination was the CAT IIID (computerized automatic test set) where I would have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Naval aircraft including My favorite the F14 Tomcat.

I met Shannon 14 years ago (1993). It was Her 18th birthday. We maintained a casual friengship for several years, until I changed jobs and was unable to see Her. Then in 2004 We were fortunate enough to meet again.




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